Aurelian (270 - 275CE)

Aurelian (270 - September 275CE). Lucius Domitius Aurelianus was declared Augustus sometime after the death of Claudius II Gothicus and was left with sole control of the empire upon the suicide of Quintillus. He restored the empire to its former glory during his 5 years of reign thus ending the Crisis of the Third Century and earning him the title "Restorer of the World." He reformed the coinage by increasing the size and weight of the antoninianus, reintroducing the denarius, sestertius, and as, and increasing the weight of the aureus. He started the construction of the Aurelian Walls in Rome and restored many public buildings. He was credited with many other reforms. He was murdered by the officers of the Praetorian Guard in September 275 due to a document forged by his secretary listing people slated for execution. The Senate passed a damnatio memoriae on him which was reversed shortly thereafter. He was deified as Divus Aurelianus.