In the last several months, we have purchased and acquired a large amount of numismatic material representing many specialty areas, including, but not limited to: Greek, Roman, Eastern, Byzantine, Medieval, Early Modern, Thalers, etc. Many significant items have already been listed or in queue to be listed (those marked *pending*), and multitudes more are in research or preliminary identification. A few of the listings to come are shown below.

Since it may take some time for these items to be activated, please feel free to ask us to expedite the ones in which you are interested, and/or submit offers for them. We will attempt to move those items upward in the listing queue.

AUSTRIA c.1250 Pfennig; Saurma 850/367. *PRELIM*AUSTRIA: Silesia: Leopold I, Hogmouth (1657-1705)  1666-SHS 3 Kreuzer, Breslau Mint; KM-471. *PRELIM*AUSTRIA: Silesia: Leopold I, Hogmouth (1657-1705)  1669-SHS 3 Kreuzer, Breslau Mint;  Her 1538. *PRELIM*
AUSTRIA: Silesia: Leopold I, Hogmouth (1657-1705)  1705-FN 3 Kreuzer, Oppeln Mint;  Her 1547. *PRELIM*AUSTRIA: Silesia: Joseph I (1705-11) 1705-FN 3 Kreuzer, Oppeln Mint; KM-687. *PRELIM*AUSTRIA: Silesia: Joseph I (1705-11) 1706-FN 3 Kreuzer, Oppeln Mint; KM-687. *PRELIM*
AUSTRIA: Styria: Leopold I, Hogmouth (1657-1705) 1675 15 Kreuzer; KM-1279. *IN RESEARCH*AUSTRIA: Styria: Ferdinand III (1637-1657) 1640 3 Kreuzer, Graz Mint; Her 694. *PRELIM*AUSTRIA: Tirol: Ferdinand Karl (1632-1662) 1645 3 Kreuzer; Enz 21. *PRELIM*
AUSTRIA: Tirol: Joseph I (1705-11) 1707 6 Kreuzer; KM-1491. *IN RESEARCH*AUSTRIA: Tirol: Joseph I (1705-11) 1707 3 Kreuzer; KM-1488. *IN RESEARCH*AUSTRIA: Leopold I, Hogmouth (1657-1705)  1662 15 Kreuzer, Wien Mint;  Her 921. *PRELIM*
AUSTRIA: Tirol: Charles VI 1721 Reichstaler (45mm, 27.08g); Dav 1053.  Nuremburg Restrike.  *pending*AUSTRIA: Franz Joseph I (1848-1916)  c.1862 Maria Theresia Medal;  Serfas 174. *pending*BOHEMIA: Wladislaus I (1109-25) (1109-18) Denar, Prague Mint; Doneb 448
BOHEMIA: Rudolf II (1576-1612)  1580 Raitpfennig.  *PRELIM*BOHEMIA: Leopold I, Hogmouth (1657-1705)  1698-CK 3 Kreuzer, Kuttenberg Mint;  KM-606. *PRELIM*BOHEMIA: Joseph I (1705-1711) 1707 3 Kreuzer, Kutna Hora Mint; Her 609. *WITHDRAWN FOR STUDY until Dec 2021-Feb 2022*
BOHEMIA: Karl VI (1711-1740) 1716 3 Kreuzer, Prague Mint. *PRELIM*BOHEMIA: Karl VI (1711-1740) 1719 3 Kreuzer, Prague Mint; Her 779. *IN RESEARCH*BOLIVIA: Felipe III (1598-1621)  1617-M 8 Reales, Ex-Dry Tortugas Wreck;  KM-10.  *IN RESEARCH*
BRESLAU: Johann V Turzo (1506-20)  1507 Neisse Groschen; MB-6. *PRELIM*BRUNSWICK-WOLFENBUTTEL: Heinrich the Younger (1514-68) 1548 Taler, Riechenberg Mint;  Dav 9045. *PRELIM*Cleve 1479 Double Groschen (32mm, 3.25g); Frey 206. *PRELIM*
DUTCH REPUBLIC: City of Haarlem: ND (1640) Municipal Presence Token. *PRELIM*FRANKFURT 1617 1/6 Taler,  Centenary of Reformation; Slg Whiting 54. *pending*SPANISH GELDERLAND: Philip II (1556-98) 1578-79 Double Duit. *PRELIM*
GORIZIA: Leonhard von Gorz (1454-1500) Kreuzer, Issue of c.1490, Lienz Mint; Schulten 3942. *PRELIM*GORIZIA: Maximilian I, Archduke of Carinthia (1493-1519)  Kreuzer, Issue of 1504-1506, Lienz Mint;  Schulten 3950. *PRELIM*HILDESHEIM 1666 6 Mariengroschen;  KM-228. *PRELIM*
ITALY: Gorizia: Maximilian I, Archduke of Carinthia 1522 Half Batzen, St. Veit Mint; Saurma 810. *IN RESEARCH*GUATEMALA: Felipe V (1700-46) 1738 8 Reales;  Calb. 132. *WITHDRAWN FOR STUDY until Jan 2022-Mar 2022*HAMBURG (City Issue)  c.1300 Brakteat Pfennig;  Gaed 1371v. *PRELIM*
HAMBURG (Stadt) 1597 Doppelschilling (1/16 Taler); Gaed 822. *PRELIM*HAMBURG (Stadt) 1673 Doppelschilling (1/16 Taler); Gaed 876. *PRELIM*LANDGRAVIATE OF HESSE-CASSEL: Wilhelm V (1627-37)  1637-GK Weidenbaumtaler; Dav-A6764. *PRELIM*
HILDESHEIM: Jobst Edmund von Brabeck (1688-1702)  1698-HIS Mining Thaler; Dav 5412. *PRELIM*COUNTY OF HOLLAND 1579 Double Duit (1 Oord, 1/4 Stuyver). *PRELIM*HUNGARY: Rudolf II (1576-1612)  1596 1/4 Thaler (18 Kreuzer);  MB-266. *WITHDRAWN FOR STUDY until Dec 2021-Feb 2022*
HUNGARY: Leopold I, Hogmouth (1657-1705) 1661-KB 1/2 Thaler, Kremnitz Mint; KM-154. *IN RESEARCH*HUNGARY: Leopold I, Hogmouth (1657-1705)  1662 15 Kreuzer, Kremnitz Mint;  Her 1033. *PRELIM*HUNGARY: Leopold I, Hogmouth (1657-1705) 1677/6 15 Kreuzer; Her 1044. *IN RESEARCH*
HUNGARY: Leopold I, Hogmouth (1657-1705)  1679 15 Kreuzer, Kremnitz Mint;  Her 1046. *PRELIM*HUNGARY: Leopold I, Hogmouth (1657-1705)  1696-CM 15 Kreuzer,  Kosice Mint. *PRELIM*HUNGARY: Karl VI von Hapsburg (1711-40)  1717 1/2 Thaler; Husz 1610. *PRELIM*
HUNGARY: Karl VI von Hapsburg (1711-40)  1720 1/4 Thaler. *PRELIM*ISNY: Leopold I, Hogmouth (1657-1705)  Pre-1700 Pfennig; Schon 2. *PRELIM*MAGDEBURG: Ludolf von Kroppenstedt (1192-1205)  Brakteat Pfennig;  Bonhoff 683. *PRELIM*
MECKLENBURG: Heinrich I (1280-1302) Brakteat. *PRELIM*MUNSTER (Stadt) (1689-94) 4 Pfennig;  KM-304. *PRELIM*OLMUTZ: Karl II von Liechtenstein (1664-95) 1679 15 Kreuzer; KM-231. *IN RESEARCH*
PERU: Felipe V (1700-46) 1708-H 1 Real;  CT-1300. *IN RESEARCH*POLAND: Stefan Bathory (1576-86) 1585 3 Groschen, Olkusz Mint; Gum 712. *PRELIM*POLAND: Sigismund III, Wasa (1587-1632) 1595-IF 3 Groszy, Poznan Mint; Gum 1023. *PRELIM*
PRUSSIA: Brandenburg c.1800 Ar Friendship Medal; Sommer B-50v. *pending*SACHSEN: George, the Bearded (1500-1539) 1530 Guldengroschen; Dav 9785. *PRELIM*SACHSEN-ALTE-GOTHA: Johann Friedrich II (1554-1567)  Schreckenberger; Saurma 2445. *IN RESEARCH*
SAXE-OLD-ALTENBURG: 4 Brothers (Johann Philipp, Friedrich, Johann Wilhelm, Friedrich Wilhelm II) 1617-WA 1/4 Thaler; KM-12. *PRELIM*SAXE-WEIMAR: Johann Ernst and His 7 Brothers 1614 1/2 Thaler; Dav ST-7527. *IN RESEARCH*KINGDOM OF SICILY: William I (1154-1166) Ae Denaro, Scyphate; Spahr 99. *PRELIM*
SILESIA-LIEGNITZ-BRIEG: Friedrich II (1488-1547) 1544 3 Grossar; Saurma 132/57. *IN RESEARCH*SILESIA: Ferdinand II (1568-1637) 1625-HR 1 Kreuzer, Breslau mint; KM-102. *PRELIM*SILESIA-LIEGNITZ-BRIEG: Georg III, Ludwig IV & Christian  1656 1 Kreuzer.  *IN RESEARCH*
SCHAUMBURG: Rudolf II (1576-1612) 1609 1/16 Thaler. *IN RESEARCH*SILESIA: Ferdinand II (1568-1637) 1629 3 Kreuzer, Glatz mint; KM-12. *PRELIM*SILESIA: Ferdinand II (1568-1637) 1630-PH  3 Kreuzer, Glatz mint. *PRELIM*
CASTILLA Y LEON: Enrique II (1368-1379)  Ar Real de 1/2 Maravedi,  La Coruna Mint; CC-1251. *PRELIM*SPAIN: Felipe II (1556-98)  4 Cuartos, Segovia Mint; CT-757. *PRELIM*SPAIN: Felipe II (1556-1598) Ae Sueldo,  c/m Head of San Juan, Perpignan Mint;  CCT-753. *PRELIM*
SPAIN: Felipe III (1598-1621)  1612 4 Reales, Segovia Mint,  Ensayador A, ex-Barbary Hoard; CT-183. *PRELIM*SPAIN: Felipe IV (1621-1665) c.1651 4 Reales,  Burgos Mint; CT-548. *PRELIM*SPAIN: Felipe IV (1621-65) 1651 2 Reales,  Toledo Mint, Ensayador Y; CT-724. *PRELIM*
SPAIN: Felipe IV (1621-65) c.1636 12 Maravedis Resellados, Granada Mint; c/s on 1602 4 Maravedis of Segovia; CCT-647. *PRELIM*SPAIN: Felipe V (1700-46)  1725 2 Reales,  Cuenca Mint, Ensayador JJ; CC-8185. *pending*SPANISH NETHERLANDS  1567 Jeton; The Netherlands ask Philips II for leniency; Dugn 2454. *PRELIM*
SPANISH NETHERLANDS: Holland  1571 Jeton, Marriage of Philipp II and Anna of Austria;  Dugn 2553. *PRELIM*SPANISH NETHERLANDS 1575 Jeton,  “on the prohibition of Catholic worship by the States of Holland”, Dordrecht Mint; Dugn 2650. *PRELIM*SPANISH NETHERLANDS c.1586 Jeton,  Justice and Compassion; Dugn 3091. *PRELIM*
SPANISH NETHERLANDS 1596 Jeton,  Dordrecht Mint.  “on Archbishop Albert's campaign against Holland and Zeeland”.  Dugn 3389. *PRELIM*SPANISH NETHERLANDS 1596 Jeton,  Triple Alliance between France, England and the Dutch Republic, Dordrecht Mint; Dugn 3400. *PRELIM*SPANISH NETHERLANDS 1598 Jeton,  on the atrocities committed by Mendoza's army; Dugn 3445. *PRELIM*
SPANISH NETHERLANDS 1599 Jeton,  Victory from God; Dugn 3470. *PRELIM*SPANISH NETHERLANDS 1601 Jeton,  CALCVLI CIVITA BRVXELL; Dugn 3524. *PRELIM*SPANISH NETHERLANDS 1608 Jeton,  Misleading offers of peace, Dordrecht Mint; Dugn 3628. *PRELIM*
SPANISH NETHERLANDS 1614 Jeton,  IMPERIO ET OBSEQVIO; Dugn 3709.  *PRELIM*SPANISH NETHERLANDS 1618 Jeton,  Dordrecht Mint; Dugn 3753. *PRELIM*SPANISH NETHERLANDS 1680 Jeton,  Shield of Jacques Madoets, Brussels Mint; Dugn 4434. *PRELIM*
SPANISH NETHERLANDS 1683 Jeton,  Willem van Elshouldt; Dugn 4477. *PRELIM*DUCHY OF TESCHEN:  Adam Wenzel (1579-1617) 1597 3 Groschen; F/S-5622. *IN RESEARCH*TRANSYLVANIA: Sigismund Bathori (1581-1602) 1597-NB Thaler; Dav 8088. *WITHDRAWN FOR STUDY until Dec 2021-Feb 2022*
TRANSYLVANIA (Hungary): Leopold I (1657-1705)  1682-NB 15 Kreuzer, Nagybanya Mint;  KM-191. *PRELIM*TRANSYLVANIA: Leopold I (1657-1705)  1677-NBIS 6 Kreuzer,  Nagybanya Mint; Her 1255. *PRELIM*TRIER: Jakob I von Sierck (1439-56) 1444 Groschen, Coblenz Mint; Saurma 2628/1366. *IN RESEARCH*
GRAND DUCHY OF TUSCANY: Francis I of Lorraine (co-regent) 1745 Medal by Peter Paul Werner. *PRELIM*WALDECK: Christian & Vollrath von Eisenberg (1588-1638) 1619 3 Kreuzer; Saurma 2305.5/1136 (unlisted date). *PRELIM*WETTERAU c.1250 Brakteat. *PRELIM*
WORMS: Burkhard II (1120-1149)  Dunnpfennig;  Bonhoff 1717. *PRELIM*