In the last several months, we have purchased and acquired a large amount of numismatic material representing many specialty areas, including, but not limited to: Greek, Roman, Eastern, Byzantine, Medieval, Early Modern, Thalers, etc. Many significant items have already been listed or in queue to be listed (those marked *pending*), and multitudes more are in research or preliminary identification. A few of the listings to come are shown below.

Since it may take some time for these items to be activated, please feel free to ask us to expedite the ones in which you are interested, and/or submit offers for them. We will attempt to move those items upward in the listing queue.

ANASTASIUS I (491-518) Av Solidus (4.45g), Constantinople Mint, 6th Officina; DO-3F.  *pending*ARTUQIDS OF MARDIN: Al-Mansur Artuq-Arslan (AH597-637 1201-39) Ar Dirham, Dunaysir Mint; Metcalf type B. *PRELIM*AUSTRIA c.1250 Pfennig; Saurma 850/367. *PRELIM*
Landgraviate of UPPER ALSACE: Ferdiand II of Tirol (1564-95) Billon Vierer (4 Pfennig), Ensisheim Mint; MT-570.  *PRELIM*SALZBURG: Maximilian Gandolf (1668-87) Klippe Double Taler Restrike; Dav 3507.  **IN RESEARCH**AUSTRIA: Silesia: Leopold I, Hogmouth (1657-1705)  1705-FN 3 Kreuzer, Oppeln Mint;  Her 1547. *PRELIM*
BOHEMIA c.1528 Pest Thaler, Joachimstal Mint; Katz 9.  **IN RESEARCH**BOHEMIA: Prague: Monastery of Strahov: Abbot Kaspar von Questenberg (1613-1640) 1627 Ar Medal; Doneb 4709. *PRELIM*BOLIVIA: Felipe IV (1621-65) Ar 1 Real of 1645-48;  Ensayador R.  **IN RESEARCH**
BOLIVIA: Felipe V (1700-46) 1733-M 1 Real, CT-1432, KM-28a.  **IN RESEARCH**BYZANTINE EMPIRE: Heraclius (610-641) Ae Follis, Constantinople Mint; SB-806.  *pending*BYZANTINE EMPIRE:Asia Minor (Turkey or Bulgaria) 10th-12th Century;  Reliquary Cross oran position design faded. *pending*
COLONIA EMERITA AUGUSTA: Tiberius (14-37 CE) Ae Dupondius; SNG Cop 409. *PRELIM*GUATEMALA: Felipe V (1700-46) 1738 8 Reales;  Calb. 132. *WITHDRAWN FOR STUDY*HAMBURG (City Issue)  c.1300 Brakteat Pfennig;  Gaed 1371v. *PRELIM*
HUNGARY: Johann Zapolya (1526-40) 1528 Denar.   Contemporary forgery (?).  **IN RESEARCH**HUNGARY: Leopold I, Hogmouth (1657-1705) 1661-KB 1/2 Thaler, Kremnitz Mint; KM-154. *IN RESEARCH*HUNGARY c.1986 Szabolcsi-Foldvar St. Laszlo Szabolcs Synod Silver Medal.  **IN RESEARCH**
KOLN: Friedrich III von Saarwerden (1371-1414) Ar Weisspfennig (Groschen), Riel Mint; Saurma 2683/1412.  *PRELIM*KOLN: Friedrich III von Saarwerden (1371-1414) c.1371 Ar Weisspfennig (Groschen), Bonn Mint; Saurma 2685/1412. *PRELIM*MECKLENBURG: Heinrich I (1280-1302) Brakteat. *PRELIM*
NAPLES & SICILY: Ferdinand I (1458-94) Ar Coronato of 1469-74,  Segnor C (gothic); Heiss Pl. 121.14v.  *PRELIM*NAPLES & SICILY: Ferdinand I (1458-94) Ar Coronato of 1469-74,  Segnor C (gothic); Heiss Pl. 121.14v. *PRELIM*NAPLES: Carlo V (1516-1556) Ar Carlino, Pannuti-Riccio 32.  *PRELIM*
SPANISH NETHERLANDS 1579 Jeton, Offense of the star god; Dugn 2786. *PRELIM*SPANISH TOURNAI: Albrecht & Isabella (1598-1621) (1613-18) 1/2 Patagon; Pell 727. *PRELIM*NEW YORK: Tivoli: Saugerties Bank 1862 10 Cents. *PRELIM*
SAXE-OLD-ALTENBURG: 4 Brothers (Johann Philipp, Friedrich, Johann Wilhelm, Friedrich Wilhelm II) 1617-WA 1/4 Thaler; KM-12. *PRELIM*SPAIN: Segovia: Felipe II (1556-98) 1590 8 Reales, 1973 official restrike.  **IN RESEARCH**SPAIN: Felipe III (1598-1621) 1617 8 Reales Cob, Segovia Mint, Ensayador R; CT-778.  **IN RESEARCH**
ZEUGITANA: Carthage c.300 BCE Ae16.  **PRELIM**