Elagabalus (218 - 222CE)

Elagabalus (16 May 218 - 11 March 222CE). Varius Avitus Bassianus, later known as Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus, was appointed priest of the Sun-God El-Gabal (Elagabalus) in his youth. He was referred to as Elagabalus or Heliogabalus only after his death. He was proclaimed emperor by his troops in a rebellion instigated by his grandmother, Julia Maesa. He was decadent, eccentric and cruel. He is known to have employed whoopee cushions at dinner parties. He was a zealot who ignored traditional religion and sexual taboos. He was assassinated together with his mother, Julia Soaemias, on March 11, 222. Their bodies were dragged through the streets of Rome and thrown into the Tiber River. Damnatio memoriae was decreed.