Galeria Valeria, second wife of Galerius (died 305CE)

Galeria Valeria, second wife of Galerius (died 315CE). Galeria Valeria was the daughter of Diocletian and second wife of Galerius. Their marriage in 293 was political in nature. After Galerius' death, Valeria and her mother, Prisca (Saint Alexandra), were entrusted to the care of Licinius, but they fled to Maximinus Daia. Valeria, having refused the marriage proposal of Maximinus, was arrested and her properties confiscated. After Maximinus' death, Licinius ordered the execution of both women, but Valeria fled successfully for a year until found in Thessaloniki. She was captured, beheaded and thrown into the sea. She and her mother were canonized as Christian saints.