Maximianus (1st reign 286-305, 2nd reign 306-308, 3rd reign 310)

Maximianus (1st reign 1 April 286 - 1 May 305CE, 2nd reign 306-308, 3rd reign 310). Marcus Aurelius Valerius Maximianus Herculius Augustus was Caesar from 285-286 and co-emperor with Diocletian from 286 to 305. His military skill complemented Diocletian's political savvy. He abdicated in favor of Constantius at Diocletian's behest. In late 306, he again became Augustus and aided the rebellion in Italy led by his son, Maxentius. He attempted to depose his son in April 307, but failed. In November 308, Diocletian and his successor, Galerius, forced Maximianus to renounce his claim to the Empire. In early 310, he attempted to usurp Constantine's title, but was captured and committed suicide in the summer of 310 on Constantine's orders. Although Maximianus' image was purged during his rebellion against Constantine, it was rehabilitated after his death and Maximianus was deified.