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Collecting world paper money can be a fun and rewarding experience. Although already very popular in many countries, it is still quite novel in the United States although the following is increasing rapidly.

Paper money, having a large surface area, can depict history, culture, topics, personalities, legends and many other designs. One can learn and research geography, culture, history, events, and other interesting facts about many different countries through the collecting of banknotes.

Collecting world paper money need not be expensive. Many notes are available at a nominal cost of under a dollar to a few dollars each. Many dealers stock junk boxes of paper money where many interesting issues can be found for under a dollar.

Paper money can be stored in many different ways. Some use photo albums (or sports card albums) while others use 3 or 4 pocket pages which fit into binders. Some go for individual sleeves which fit into boxes, framing, or hard plastic. Invariably, paper money is for examination and enjoyment.

There are many ways and reasons to collect paper money. Examples of the popular collecting themes include: ancestry, historic events, countries, replacement notes, printers, watermarks, security features, people, monarchs, buildings, vehicles, animals, plants, boats, bridges, bodies of water, maps, native implements, ways of life, agriculture, notgeld, emergency money, inflation money, overprints, monuments, wars, landscapes, science, music, antiquities, mythology, arms, holograms, plastic notes, non-paper notes, obsolete notes, military currency, invasion money, occupation currency, emergency notes, issuers, issue dates, errors, serial/block numbers, commemoratives, etc. or make up your own.

Need a reference book? The standard reference is a 3-volume set of Standard Catalog of World Paper Money published by Krause. You need not acquire all 3 volumes, nor do you need to acquire a current edition. Catalog values are generally worthless; therefore, an older reference is quite adequate at a fraction of the cost of a new current edition. For starters, you only need Volume 3, Modern Issues (after 1960) which should be available at Amazon or elsewhere for a fraction of the release price.

One can even profit from this area. A long time collection can increase in value. One can become a part-time dealer and profit by introducing this fascinating collecting area to friends and acquaintances. You can also find incredible buys from time to time by finding some rare note where one does not expect.

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